"I'm not the average girl from your video. My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes..."- *singing* Video by India Arie <--- I absolutely LOVE this song!

Hello Stylish Beauties! 

Welcome To My Our World! 

This is the place where style and beauty intertwines. The place where you are free to be yourself at all times! I created this... what I like to call clubhouse...
Photo Credit: http://www.sheimagazine.com
for US! Well I wish it was this actual clubhouse in the picture above. However this spot on the web is the place where women like me (who are not afraid to be themselves) can come to share ideas and be inspired to run way their way. Yes! Let's runway our way!

I believe that every woman is beautiful and unique in their own way and what makes them stylish is the fact that they can embrace that... flaws and all! You can expect to have so much fun at this clubhouse and get a dose of everything from diy projects and good conversation (expect a lot of personal stories) to fashion/ style inspiration and lots of reviews. So whether you're a everyday visitor or a first time visitor feel to keep in touch because us Stylish Beauties have to stick together!


Who is the NYC Stylin' Natural Hair Rockin' Stylish Beauty behind all this???

*Raises hand*

That would be me... JazieStyle! 

Your Tribal, Vantage, Rockstar... "Yeah baby I'm a rockstar"!!! *singing*

Lover of all things Afrocentric, artistic, and beautiful. All natural Nubian Queen! Product junkie and shopaholic but...

most of all... Mother to a beautiful princess! Holla!

I've been blogging since Oct 10' over on Tumblr and Oct 11' over here on Blogger at different blogs. I spend my days with my princess and my nights sitting on top of the world creating my blueprint for a successful life.  I'm far from perfect and still a work in progress but I LOVE it that way!

If you want to know more... well you'll just have to come back to the clubhouse. Hope to see you soon!